“Thank You Kris for giving me a galaxy when I just needed a star”

The man whom fought for his rights and own dreams. The man whom is following the dreams whom he wanted to follow for so long. The man whom I am proud of call my ultimate Bias. Hence the reason why I have made a blog dedicated to him and his achievement. This blog shall consist of Wufan's past updates/information to his latest updates. Majority of the pictures posted on this would be edited by me unless it's claimed otherwise.

               有一个地方只,有我们知道♡                           你想知道吗?让我们一起飞吧!

Departure of Kris Wu 15.05.14。

New beginning for Wu Yifan 24.06.14。

My Prince Wu Yifan♕

 I am a 凡baby

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July 22 2014, 07:20 AM

"Friends Come Across" Interview with GJM - Why he chose WYF to sing 时间煮雨 


Q: I would like to know why did you choose to collaborate with WYF. I realised that your choices of actors for your film and the singers you chose are very unexpected. I want to know when you choose these people, how did you make those choices?

A: I think that there’s something about WYF that…

July 22 2014, 07:19 AM

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a gift from the gods
a gift from the gods

July 22 2014, 07:18 AM

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July 22 2014, 07:18 AM

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35/ edits of Kris

July 22 2014, 04:19 AM

July 22 2014, 04:19 AM

Chanyeol trying to strip everyone on stage               ʅ(´◔౪◔)ʃ

July 22 2014, 04:19 AM

July 22 2014, 04:19 AM

July 22 2014, 04:19 AM

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mama xing knows his baby taozi best

July 22 2014, 03:20 AM

Believe nothing. No matter where you read it, or who said it. No matter if I have said it. Unless it agrees with your own reason and common sense.

 - Buddha (via youngwannabebuddhist)

July 22 2014, 02:37 AM

July 22 2014, 02:37 AM

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Anonymous: You got no jams.