My Master


   Darkness in my eyes, but lights up in the sky

大雪也無法抹去 我們給彼此的印記

                I am a 凡baby


Yifan is too cuteO(≧▽≦)O

so this is how a sleeping angel looks like…


collection: kris is my style 5/∞


EXO Tao accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
# Ice Bucket Challenge # Thank you @ Zhou Mi ge for inviting me to participate in such a meaningful charity event. The chill from the ice cold water is not even one ten-thousandth as  painful as in compare to the suffering of ALS patients. Therefore, i’m not going to nominate/tag anyone. While being caring, raise awareness to this rare disease, as well as  showing love to the ALS patients, I hope everyone don’t forget to take care of their own health, too.

about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge:
The purpose of this challenge is to raise awareness for ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) and encourage donations towards research and cures. It relies on a simple dare. You have 24h to videotape yourself being poured by a bucket of ice water on your head or donate $100 to ALS research. (In many cases, participants do both). To keep the cycle going, you tag/nominate 3 other people.

@HZT-ao: 谢谢@周觅MI 哥邀请我参与这么有意义的公益活动 冰水的寒意不及渐冻症病人痛苦的万分之一 我不点名任何人了 在 关注渐冻人症 关注罕见病 为罕见病病人献出一份爱心 也希望大家好好珍惜自己的健康

it’s so beautiful when the boy smiles...

Kris’ upcoming movie

can all just take a second and appreciate how kyungsoo effect jongin and do shit to him only by using his cute sighs  

Siwon vs EXO on Homosexuality
Siwon: Being gay is wrong.
Siwon: Homosexuals will go to Hell.
Sehun: If you think that, then why do you always make out with dudes?
Siwon: What does that have to do with anything
Baekhyun: Kissing dudes is a little gay. That's why I just smack their asses instead.
Lay: Kissing their lips is gay. That's why I just kiss other parts of their body. Most of the time.
Siwon: Wait... kissing guys on the lips is gay?
Suho: Yeah it's pretty gay. What did you think being gay meant?
Siwon: I... didn't know. I never asked. I just thought it was some ambiguous bad thing I'd never personally have to think about.
Xiumin: You're against homosexuality and you don't even know what it means?
Luhan: How can you be against homosexuality? People should be able to love whatever baozis they choose. People they choose. I meant to say people.
Siwon: My whole life is a lie.
Lay: Can I kiss it better?
Siwon: Yes, please.... I MEAN NO! AH! I need to go pray.
Sehun: I should join you. I spent all afternoon making out with Tao.
Sehun: YOLO


FanFan’s big smile ah -///-


140830 - The day all Kris stans will die once again. 


[Starcast Taemin’s message to Kai]
To. Kai~^^! 
I’m an Exo fan…can you possibly (give me) your autograph?? Yesterday I joined Exo-L~ Bbuing bbuing~ >_< Thank you for featuring (in my album) delightfully, next time I will gladly be (your) helpline(?) if I can be of help~!

translation by: cosmicsticks

is there an escape from all this?